When You Visit BKB

January 2024

Welcome to BKB!

BKB activities are open to all. You are welcome and accepted here; everyone is made in the image of God.

We hope to connect and establish relationships with each and every person who visits BKB. We want you to tell us how BKB can help you to be or become the Jew that you want to be. Join us at BKB to get the spiritual energy that comes when we gather at BKB to worship, sing, learn, eat, laugh, shake hands, and hug.

Unfortunately, antisemitism and hate are pervasive in our society, especially now after October 7.   BKB leadership is doing what we can to keep our congregation safe and secure, knowing that there are no guarantees. So, we want you to know what we are doing to keep BKB safe and secure.

We have just concluded the work on BKB’s second governmental security grant. The second security grant provided funding for:

  • Motorizing the main and sidewalk gates to improve access control.
  • Upgrading the classroom and other windows to improve intrusion resistance.
  • Replacing the main wooden doors with sturdier steel doors.
  • Installing a new Closed Circuit Monitoring System (CCTV) that significantly improves our ability to monitor our facility and is connected to our security alarm system.
  • Having a security guard at every BKB event that is open to the public. Since the security grant funds ended at the end of 2023, we will have to include security guard funding in future BKB operating budgets.

Our current security procedures when BKB is open for services, religious school, and other times include:

  • Having a security guard present.
  • Locking the main doors when a service or other activity begins. Access is then requested by pushing the “doorbell”. The person responding to the doorbell can view the visitor on the CCTV screen in the lobby before allowing entry.
  • Having deadbolt locks on all interior doors. These locks are kept locked when BKB is not open, and they will be used for lockdown in case of an intrusion.
  • Emergency (“panic”) buttons that will be pressed in an emergency to contact the sheriff in an emergency.

We hope that the security activities that we have undertaken give you the confidence to attend BKB services and other programs. We remind you what we have been taught: “if you see something, say something”, and we welcome your suggestions and help in keeping BKB secure.