The BKB Pastrami Booth

The BKB Pastrami Booth has been at the AV Fair annually since 1954. Pre-COVID, the BKB Pastrami Booth at the AV Fair was both BKB’s #1 fund raiser (typically $10,000 per year=14% of BKB’s annual operating income) and a major “fun raiser” (meet new people and reconnect with old friends).

The 2022 AV Fair is scheduled to take place for 8 days from Friday, September 23, through Sunday October 2 (closed September 26 and 27). We look forward to participating in the AV Fair, but we need to fill 144, 3-4 hour shifts in order to operate the Booth throughout the AV Fair per Fair requirements.

So, we need “all hands on deck”: PLEASE CONSIDER VOLUNTEERING AT THE BKB PASTRAMI BOOTH. Everyone who will work a shift at the Booth must attend a training session to be held at BKB.

Todah rabah (thank you) for your consideration. See you at the Fair!