BKB Scrip Program



Are you interested in raising money for BKB without it costing you any more than you already spend at local and online retailers?

What is scrip? Scrip is gift cards that return a percentage of their purchase price to BKB. Scrip is an excellent way to provide income to BKB, and it is now easier than ever to use scrip using the RaiseRight mobile app (RaiseRight is the new name for ShopwithScrip).

Here is how to star earning for BKB with the RaiseRight mobile app today:

  1. Download the  RaiseRight mobile app on your Apple IOS or Android device.
  2. To join, enter the BKB enrollment code 99ALL6E4847L  if you do not have a RaiseRight account. (If you do have a RaiseRight account, use that account’s sign-in information on the app, and your gift cards and payment information automatically transfer to the app.)
  3. Browse what vendors are offered, add to your cart, and purchase.
  4. When you are ready to check out, sign up for secure online payments. PLEASE LINK YOUR ACCOUNT TO A DEBIT CARD. If you link it to a debit card, the fees are tiny (15 cents a transaction); the credit card fee is 2.6% of the purchase price which significantly reduces the benefits to BKB!
  5. eGift cards are delivered to the app within minutes. RaiseRight contains a scrip wallet that lets you click on and display a QR code that can be scanned by most merchants and used to pay for many everyday purchases. Many online vendors will also accept these eGift cards.
  6. You can also get physical gift cards from 250+ vendors delivered directly to your home if you use the RaiseRight mobile app.

(If you order physical gift cards are not in the delivered directly to your home program, they are mailed to BKB and then must be delivered to you.  So, we hope that you will choose to use eGift cards or the physical gift cards delivered directly to your home.)

The brand gives back to BKB the moment you buy a gift card-at no extra cost to you.

Shop gift cards from more than 750 top brands-right from your phone!

Todah rabah (thank you) and start shopping!

Comments or questions? Contact the BKB Scrip Coordinator via BKB: 661.942.4415 or bkbav@bkbav.org.