magic2       Fundraising at BKB has always been about having a good time and in the process generating some much needed resources for the Temple.  We have some events that we do every year that are quite sucessful like, our Casino night, the outing to a Jethawks game, and this year we added a magic show presented by magicians from The Magic Castle in Los Angeles.magic1



            We encourage the use of Scrip, like gift cards, they can be used at hundreds of retail stores, resturants and fast food places that give a percentage back to the Temple.  Contact the office at 661.942.4415 for more information.  Please click here for a list of restaurant scrip that is available.

          Our Pastrami Booth, a resturant on wheels is the largest fundraiser for the Temple and the Pastrami Booth Trustee, Mary Ann Himlin is always looking for people to man a shift when the Pastrami Booth is in operation.  Contact the Temple office if you would like to help out.

Pastrami Booth Picture

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